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150+ True Tell-All Tinsel Town Tales
Surrounded by Fame & Fortune


Who doesn’t have a secret yearning to meet someone rich or famous? And aren’t we all just a little bit guilty of gossip and curious to get a glimpse of what goes on off set and off screen?

Brushes with Celebrity gives you over one hundred and fifty absolutely true tell-all tinsel-town tales from a couple of kids who grew up in the San Fernando Valley suburbs of Los Angeles California. MMS and CBS worked both in front of, and behind the camera for decades rubbing elbows in and around the “biz” that is entertainment. Together they reveal random and absurd situations with famous folk, disclose embarrassing encounters, and regale triumphant moments basking in the reflected light of notoriety. Revealing stories feature time spent in the Hollywood Hills, Laurel Canyon, Beverly Hills, on Sunset Boulevard and eventually move onto Manhattan and Las Vegas where they found even more opportunities for celebrity contact. You will learn that celebrities can be glamorous, eccentric and sometimes strange.