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Naked and Afraid Gary Golding

Naked and Afraid Reality TV Star – CBS

Reality shows really push people to the limits of human endurance. One show goes beyond all that. It thrusts adult men and women into survival situations with only their skills, a single tool, and not a stitch of clothing on. Our friend Gary has now been on Naked and Afraid for a few seasons including the XL challenge.

“…men and women
with not a stitch
of clothing on.”

We were cleaning up my wife’s parents’ home after years of neglect and dilapidation, including a back room in the garage which was infested with bees. We had to find a beekeeper to rescue the bees, pronto. A mutual friend introduced us to Gary, who invited me to don a beekeeper suit with him. Due to his jungle survival antics, Gary is known as the Tarzan of Los Angeles. We know Gary as the bee-whisperer.

We ended up hitting it off immediately and became friends on many fronts. He was just like his persona on the naked reality show: fun and fearless. But thankfully for us, he did wear a bee suit.