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The Book

The names dropped are of all sizes and types: from Brad Pitt to Buddy Rich, from Jerry Lewis and Eugene Levy to the cast of Laugh-in; from Tom Hanks and Anthony Hopkins to Larry Hagman; from Paul Reubens and Robert Downey Jr. to Gingers Rogers; from Johnny Depp and Sir Elton John to Jack Jones, and from Stevie Wonder and Steven Spielberg to Bobby Sherman. And so many more short sweet succinct stories that are amusing to boot.

If you are curious about the industry, this book will give you an insider’s peek. Go behind the scenes into the exclusive rarely-seen Hollywood post production studio where the movie magic is made. Hear about hangouts with the rich and famous, which in the end, make you realize that celebrities are just regular people with a little sparkle on top.

Fun and entertaining, easy to read on the go.

You will enjoy your brushes with celebrity.